International Social Academy of Ecological Safety and Nature Management

International Social Academy of Ecological Safety and Nature Management (ISAESNM) was formed in 1993. The first president of the organization was Professor V.S. Altunin who was a member of the Russian Academy of Sciences and held a doctorate in Applied Sciences. Since 1996 Doctor of Applied Science Vadim Pryakhin, holder of the titled honored inventor of Russia, was elected by president of ISAESNM.
In 2002 the Academy applied to the Ministry of Justice to adopt the status of international organization.
At present, the Academy has more than 750 members including over 300 PhD holders in various scientific fields. The Academy has 12 branches in the following countries: Canada, United States, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Kyrgyzstan.

The main activities of the Academy are:

-  development and implementation of measures for the protection and restoration of natural resources and the improvement of the environment;
-  development of basic and applied research, implementation and effective use of science and technology to achieve the integration of science and production;
-  performance of research, design and development of methods and tools for environmental monitoring, protection and management;
-  marketing research and carrying out work in various areas of life to ensure environmental safety with respect to agriculture, medicine, tourism, etc.;
-  development and improvement of international relations and contacts in the field of the environment and natural resources, participation in international social and environmental projects, programs, workshops, conferences and other events.